Garlic slice of the efficacy and role of what?

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1, anticancer
Foreign study found that the sulfur compounds in garlic slice can promote intestinal produces an enzyme or garlic odor material, by strengthening the body's immune ability, blocking lipid peroxide formation and multiple approaches such as resistance mutations, the elimination of the material in intestinal cause the risk of bowel cancer. However, it is impossible to say whether need to generate many of the enzymes to effectively play antitumor effect of garlic.
2, anti-aging effect
Some of the ingredients in garlic, have antioxidant such as vitamin E and vitamin C, anti-aging properties.
3, anti-fatigue effect
Some studies have found that one of pork foods rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B1 and garlic allicin, seen together, can be a very good play the role of eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength.
4, cardiovascular protection.
Epidemiological studies, according to the results of the average daily on each region to eat raw garlic 20 grams, the incidence of death from disease of heart head blood-vessel crowd was lower than that without the consumption of raw garlic habits of the region.
1) resist thrombosis research found in garlic essential oil with function of inhibiting platelet aggregation, the effect of preventing thrombosis.
2) reduce blood fat, according to the results of clinical research subjects 50 g daily consumption of raw garlic, take six days after the serum total bile alcohol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels were significantly lower than before the test content.
3) reduce blood viscosity has multiple research shows that smoking and drinking, can make the blood viscosity increased significantly, but if at the same time, the consumption of raw garlic, would be partially offset the adverse effects.
4) reduce blood pressure Mild hypertension patients, if every morning to eat a few disc bubble of garlic, vinegar and drink two tablespoons vinegar, and can reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Moreover, often eat raw garlic hypertension patients, may also help to lower blood pressure.
5, antiseptic effect:
Garlic is a natural plant broad-spectrum antibiotics, containing about 2% of allicin garlic, garlic has the very strong sterilization effect, after it enters the body can react with bacterial cystine generated crystal precipitation, necessary to destroy bacteria biological of thiol sulfur amino, in the bacteria metabolic disorder, thus unable to reproduce and grow.



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