Dehydrated vegetables and rich nutrition of fresh vegetables?

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Dehydrated vegetables are cabbage, spinach, rape, bean and so on through the dehydration and drying and made of. Dark green vegetables, basically maintained the original vegetable nutrient, eat delicious fresh. Foreign factory production of dehydrated vegetables, high cost. Method of making dehydrated vegetables, low cost.

Production method (natural drying) is suitable for home production. After the beginning of autumn fresh without moth cabbage, cut off the roots, leaves, dry and ventilated place, for two or three days, will help a dish a break, (Chinese cabbage without a break, cut in half). The root dish helps about 3.3 cm to the longitudinal incision, in order not to let the green pigment disappeared into the boiling water a little hot, remove immediately, cool water cooling after the fish. Remove in dish helps to maintain a certain gap between the rows, hung, drying in the sun. Don't be caught in the rain, otherwise easy to mildew. To be completely dry, can be from the end of the rope, the vegetables are taken off, put dry storage reserve.
Production methods (artificial drying) is applicable to a large number of production. The rural commune production room, tobacco drying room, greenhouse, plastic greenhouse, in which vertical and horizontal, pull some rope or wire, according to the above method to deal with the vegetables, hanging on a rope. Flue-cured tobacco house, drying room can be heated. The higher the temperature, the faster the drying. To cabbage, for example, 100 kg of dehydrated vegetables, the weight of only 7 to 8 kg. Volume reduction, easy storage, and can be packaged with a packer, easy to transport.
Edible dehydrated vegetables before eating, can be used to wash the water soak, soak in boiling water, cut into various shapes, boil, stew, stir fry can be. Basically similar to fresh vegetables. Production method in after the beginning of autumn before the frost made during natural drying, artificial drying method is not limited by seasons.
Dehydrated vegetables can adjust the anniversary season vegetables supply, easy storage, with no deterioration, edible when soaked in water can be recovered, which is convenient to cook; its color, aroma and taste tender and brittle with fresh vegetables than differs little after freezing, after salt low cost and a good fresh vegetables methods. Eating dehydrated vegetables is gradually forming a new modern food fashion.



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