Dehydrated vegetable market development trend

Time:2016-12-30 08:12:00

writer :Jiade Food ; Date:2016-10-18 15:38


In recent years, the global market demand for vegetables has maintained a rapid growth trend, the international vegetable trade with the simultaneous growth. China's vegetable industry has obvious advantages in international competition, in recent years, the rapid growth of export volume, has entered the three largest international vegetable export countries. Especially in the dehydrated vegetable market, China's comparative advantage is obvious, exports have maintained a sustained and rapid growth trend since 1998. Dehydrated vegetables exports in China rose from 157 thousand tons in 1998 to 214 thousand tons in 2003, a growth rate of 36.4%, increase in international trade in the proportion of dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated vegetables is now the world's largest exporter, exports accounted for half of the country world trade volume.

Despite the increasing international vegetable trade, but the current international market vegetables, dehydrated vegetables supply and demand gap is still maintained at 5 million tons per year and more than 50 thousand tons. Among them, the supply of freeze-dried vegetables in the world is particularly tight, for our country to further expand the export of vegetables, dehydrated vegetables to provide a huge market space. The dehydrated vegetables produced by modern drying technology not only keep the color, smell, taste and shape of vegetables, but also preserve the nutrients in vegetables. After the sealed package, the utility model can be stored at room temperature for a long time, and the utility model has the characteristics of good recovery, and can be recovered within a few minutes. This type of vegetable products is only 1/15 of fresh vegetables, is very conducive to the storage, transportation and sales, easy to carry, eat flexible, well received by consumers in various countries, is the main varieties of international vegetable trade. The total amount of international trade of dehydrated vegetables has been maintained at about 400 thousand tons per year in recent years, with the freeze drying of dehydrated vegetables production of new technology and new process of vacuum freeze drying as the representative, is gradually seize the traditional production of drying technology of dehydrated vegetable market. In the United States, France, Japan, freeze dried vegetable food demand increasing at an annual rate of 15%, freeze-dried instant drinks, vegetables, instant soup and granular ultrafine powder are food favored by consumers, freeze-dried food in the total food consumption in some proportion has reached more than 40%. Of course, the impact of the financial crisis, the intensity and speed of this adjustment may be reduced, but in the long run, the international market of vegetable products consumption gradually to the development of convenient, green, high-quality direction is represent the general trend.



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