Disciplinary basis of Dehydrated vegetables

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At present, dehydrated vegetables as a new kinds of food more and more get the favour of people. In Japan, the United States, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, this kind of food has become a life style to adapt to modern fast rhythm, high efficiency of popular food; In our country, it not only extensive use in the field of convenience food, but also for tourism, frontier defense, geological and other departments of the effective methods to solve eat food difficult in addition, as a kind of vegetable processing products, also has the color of fresh vegetables, dehydrated vegetables aroma, taste, shape, mass, and ease of storage. It makes nearly 10 years, domestic and foreign markets demand increased year by year, dehydrated vegetables and dehydrated vegetables processing industry in China is also continued surge in the demand under the actuation of obtained the swift and violent development. However, at present our country most dehydrated vegetables processing industry development is an increase in the number of, its science and technology content is still low, most of the products is still at the low level, low economic benefits. Therefore, vegetables dehydration technology in-depth study, and the introduction of suitable for high and new technology, become the product open the key to a broader space for development.

Branch of dehydrated vegetables is a new discipline, its development is based on the basis of many subjects. First of all, the general theory of drying is the most basic theoretical basis. It includes all kinds of heat and mass transfer regularity of fruits and vegetables and establishing the model and analysis; Physical environment factors, drying equipment structure and dry material itself and other factors on the quality of the dry, as well as a variety of control under the condition of general and specific index measurement and analysis. Second, food chemistry theory is essential in the process of dehydrated vegetables processing. It includes water, vitamins, minerals, special studies, such as sugar and protein, as well as chemical and biological since mountain enzymology and related theory. Finally, the mathematical statistics theory is dehydrated vegetable production experiments to find the best process, to establish the foundation of the mathematical model. As the current application more orthogonal regression design, the rotational regression design and D - optimum design. In addition, optical, rheological mechanics, the agricultural knowledge to such disciplines as material, are often used to analyze the various phenomena and mechanism.



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